Long term fat loss is rare

People that achieve long term fat loss are as rare as unicorn farts. We all get excited when somebody loses weight and are quick to pat them on the back but what we don’t talk about or publicise is what they are like 3 months after the target has...

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reward risk

Risk and Reward

When you visit a gym, what do you honestly expect to achieve given the work you put in? Here are two examples of what I mean and I will use a treadmill to illustrate. Example 1. You drive to the gym and you’re going to walk on a treadmill...

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Reduce the Number of Vulnerable

I’m tired and I’m angry as we all are. We want an end to this and we want and end now. We’ve stayed at home and kept our gyms, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, theatres and concert venues closed. Participation in sport has been nonexistent apart from at professional level but...

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personal trainer Northwich

Is it Time to Point our Fingers at the Obese?

Oooh this has got a few hackles up already; I can feel it! Before you start slating me and sending me hate messages let me draw you to the fact I mention often. 876,000 obesity related hospital admissions last year. 876,000 is a figure that laughs in the face...

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Exercise in your 40s

Grow Old with Fitness and Health just like Richard

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