About Paul Connor

As a lifelong athlete and fan of any sport that raises the pulse, Paul is a truly inspirational Health & Fitness Coach who will do everything he can in order to find the physical activities that you enjoy the most. From performing over 18,000 one to one hours he realises that the biggest success comes from finding activities we enjoy because that is where the greatest chance of adherence and commitment to fitness lies.

With Paul you will find someone that knows how results in health & fitness are actually achieved; someone who sees through the smokescreen of the corporate takeover of our bodies and minds and someone who understands that if we remove technology and the media, we are quite simply animals like every other species on the planet.

Time is a luxury we are not all afforded and Paul’s methods of physical training have evolved through the years to a place where he knows how to maximise time spent exercising to achieve the biggest total body energy expenditure. Together with an in depth understanding of nutrition and the importance of quality sleep and stress management, he is somebody that has a deep knowledge of how a human being works optimally.

Paul currently competes regularly in cycle racing and indoor rowing and has achieved accolades in both of these sports along with Kettlebell lifting and distance running too. He has coached multiple athletes to local, national, European and World titles and there is nothing that makes him more proud than to see somebody achieve a goal they have worked for.

Become the very best version of yourself you possibly can.

Paul’s approach to your health, fitness and happiness comes from looking at your life as a whole and this is where he differs from the industry norm of suffering and restriction based over a short period of time. Unless you are a professional athlete or movie star that needs to make weight for a competition or film then he wants you to be in the best condition you can for every day you have left on this earth.

There are no ‘before and after’ photographs of clients on his wall because there is no ‘after’ – simply a continuation of progress. You are on a journey to get better every day and Paul will help you realise that the only limits you place on your success are your own beliefs.

He appreciates that we all have our own lives and enjoyments so you will find that nothing is banned and nothing is regimented. 80% of people fail to see results with their exercise programmes and in Paul’s vast experience he realises it is largely due to lifestyles being turned on their heads meaning a strict regime only has a limited time before it inevitably collapses. His approach therefore, is to make small manageable adjustments and allow you to realise that what you are choosing isn’t punishment and misery through physical activity and good nutrition but a happy choice that you will want to continue for the long term.

Whether you train with Paul or one of the trainers at PCHF you will be looked after and guided through your journey until you are safe in the knowledge that you have the tools to achieve lifelong success through being able to care for yourself.

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If you’re interested don’t hesitate, just do it. Pick up the phone and call me – now is the time to make that difference to your life. If it’s easier, drop me a message below and I’ll get right back to you.

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