6.30am. Online
7.30am. Gym
9.30am. Gym
7:15pm. Gym

Tuesday. Engine Day

7am. Gym and Online
9.15am. Gym and Online


6.30am. Online
7.30am. Gym
9.30am. Gym
7.30pm. Gym

Thursday. Project Day.

7am unless 6.30am needed. Online
9.15am. Gym and Online


7.30am. Gym
9.30am. Gym


9am. Gym

The sessions on the timetable are based around the way Paul has always trained which to put it simply are a combination of weight lifting, aerobic work and a fusion of the two. This system delivers incredible results around muscle tone, aerobic fitness, health and longevity.

Online Home Sessions

will see you never perform the same workout twice as they always contain a wide variety of exercises to challenge you in many ways. Online home sessions give best results when using the home equipment kit (YouTube link) consisting of two kettlebells and a sandbag which we will help you choose.

Gym Sessions

primarily focus on improving your technique, your movement and above all, your strength which is vital for muscle tone, helping with fat loss and increasing longevity. We will coach you with the important lifts such as squats, dead lifts and pull ups and each week, by working with others you will see yourself improve in whatever your chosen goal is.

Engine Day

is the day on which you discover you have a heart and a pair of lungs. By tracking your own data on the Concept2 rowers, bikes and ski ergs or even performing the activities at home or outside yourself on the road, your endurance will reach new heights you may not have thought possible.

Project Day

is similar to Engine Day although with this one you really get to put the hammer down and even compete against your Team mates if you want to. We will tell you what the workout is and it’s a case of either completing it as fast as you can or performing as much as you can within a set time period. It is an exciting different session every week!

We recommend you perform 3-4 sessions per week and these would ideally be 2 Strength sessions, 1 of either Engine or Project Day and an online Home Equipment workout. This way you will have a lot of variety meaning you are more likely to continue and make functional effective fitness training an important part of your lifestyle.

Freestyle Friday

is your reward for the hard work you’ve put in during the week. It’s the day you can basically do what you want in the gym and work on what ever your body is drawn towards doing that day. You’ll still have guidance and supervision but you get to choose how hard you want to push and how you want to feel. This day is the best day for catching up with your fellow Team members and even arranging plans for the weekend.