As human beings we are social animals. We are designed to be together, have fun together and to work together for the benefit of the tribe. That’s the way it has always been. Recently however, and particularly with the new addition to our lives of “lockdown” we have become more disconnected than ever and are losing the benefits of being together as a group.

TEAM Training sessions turn this around completely and bring back what is so vitally important for both our physical and mental health. Being together.

When we workout together, we work harder, more efficiently and enjoy ourselves more. All this results in us feeling better and looking better too.

One of the biggest obstacles to becoming the fit and healthy person you know you can be is consistency. We start off with big intentions but all too often stop for one reason or another. Being part of TEAM makes it a lot more difficult to quit because of the support of the group you are involved with.

TEAM is not just a class you show up to when you feel like it. TEAM is a lifestyle and one of the most exciting parts to TEAM is the togetherness away from the sessions. It is not uncommon for a message to go out in the WhatsApp group along the lines of “I’m going for a hike tomorrow. Who fancies joining me?”

It is this type of togetherness and working with people on the same mission as you that helps to make your lifestyle a healthier one.

Paul is the first to admit – “I love my friends. I’ve known my school buddies more than 40 years and they are closer to me than anyone but I know that when we get together we drink. There’s nothing wrong with that, its great fun! It’s just nice to have a different set of friends that are keen on exercising so I know I always have people to train with from TEAM.”

Sessions run 2 or 3 times daily – see timetable and are a mix of lifting weights and aerobic training. We base them on Paul’s own model of training he has used to keep him the way he is for the last 50 years. We do this because it is a tried, trusted and proven route to success in fitness.

After attending six times over the first two weeks of your TEAM membership you will sleep better, feel better, have more confidence and be stronger, faster and fitter than you have been in a good while – possibly ever! Plus, if you follow our guidance on what and how to eat then you will drop body fat too!


  1. Accountability: Friendships quickly form and new members are welcomed.  TEAM members feel they want to meet up with their mates each day to keep training together.
  2. Fitness Support: working towards your fitness goals can often be lonely and frustrating, especially if progress isn’t as fast as you want it to be. With TEAM your group has your back and will encourage you when you need help the most.
  3. Nutrition Support: We all know this can be the hardest part but by working together we can share ideas and ways to help us reach targets through science and experience. Plus, if one of us falls off the wagon at the weekend, we’ll all get them back on again!
  4. There are 5 weekly sessions to choose from:  Come to them all if you want?
  5. Facebook groups to enable your group to keep helping each other all day. Members often arrange extra sprint sessions with each other.
  6. Sense of Accomplishment: Paul doesn’t place emphasis on goals like reaching a number on the scales, he values achievements. By setting targets together we can work towards events, competitions and even nights out as a team!
  7. Make new friends: Friends that share the same interests. By having friends that share a passion for health & fitness as strong as yours you are likely to choose more social activities away from the gym that contribute to your health, fitness and happiness!
  8. Get more for less: It drastically reduces the cost of personal training.

Why is it for you?

In order for us to maximise health, fitness and performance, let alone getting ourselves into top shape, we NEED to be training with INTENSITY 3 x per week and not merely saying we’ll do it then regularly missing sessions! With TEAM ONLINE you can now up to train 5 times per week and you have a far greater chance of making sessions if your team is counting on you to show up.


Currently all TEAM sessions are running online but once the gym reopens they will run as a combination of online and gym.

A unique inclusion to our programme will be separate all male and all female strength sessions which are designed to allow confidence to build with the complex lifts.


Monday. 6:30am. 7:30am. 9:30am.
Tuesday. 7am Engine Day. 9:30am.
Wednesday. 6:30am. 7:30am. 9:30am.
Thursday. Project Day. 6:30am. 9:30am.
Friday. 6:30am. 7:30am.

Going to the gym
Working out


If you’re interested don’t hesitate, just do it. Pick up the phone and call me – now is the time to make that difference to your life. If it’s easier, drop me a message below and I’ll get right back to you.

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