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I look after the physical fitness and mental health of men aged 18 to 65 through ONLINE group training TEAM MEN

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ONLINE Personal Training

1-2-1 Personal Training online is now what we do! If you are looking to train regularly and make some changes whilst you are experiencing these new circumstances – then please get in touch.


TEAM is about getting back to loving exercise, making great fitness friends and having fun.

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ONLINE Weight Loss & Nutrition

We can create a plan to help you achieve results and maintain them long term even while eating healthily is proving difficult.

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Grow Old with Fitness and Health just like Richard

Grow Old with Fitness and Health just like Richard I’m 48 at time of writing. I seem to always be stating my age don’t I? I state my age at the start of this to let you know I’m not a kid and to let you know I haven’t finished growing up yet. I’ve not [...]

New Year Weight Loss: Why Failure is Almost Certain

New Year Weight Loss here we go! It’s January and they’re at it once more. The magazines are churning out the same old articles rewritten for 2020, the supplement companies are in full force with detox plans and the fitness industry is coming up with offers for you to join their shiny gyms packed with [...]

The Love From Northwich For Christmas Day 2019

I always knew I had to write this article but didn’t know where to begin. That is until I went to the supermarket on my way home from work on Friday the 27th of December. I wandered around the aisles filling my trolley thinking about this ‘n’ that until it came time to pay. Most [...]