muscle gain

Muscle Gain Tips

Gaining muscle can be difficult for some people due to the fact the level of ease of building muscle totally depends on genetics. There are additions you can make to your daily routine which scientifically help to build muscle. Let’s look into the different areas you can focus on...

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weight loss tips

Weight Loss Tips

With any dieting culture, you need to be careful not to lose weight too fast, not eat enough calories or burn yourself out from working too hard. It’s understandable you want to see and feel a difference but going overboard can actually have opposite effects where you may end...

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The Easier Life Gets, The Harder it Becomes

The Easier Life Gets, The Harder it Becomes. Every single invention that ever happens is designed to make life easier for us. Why would anything ever be invented to make life more difficult? Let’s go back to what is considered the best invention ever – the wheel! Can you...

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Lockdown Results in Increased Obesity? Whoops!

Latest tv commercial from the NHS begins… “After the year we’ve had, many of us are carrying a few extra lockdown pounds. All that comfort eating and treating has made a mark.” It then goes on to say “Now’s the time to turn things around. Let’s shop smarter, eat...

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My New Hobby – Rucking

First off, what is it? Well we have standard “walking” which I’m not going to explain what that is. Hiking – going for an extended walk in nature and then we have “rucking” which is going for a hike with a rucksack on but it is with the intention...

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Dear NHS

Dear NHS I write in reply to the invitation I have received from you to come forward for a COVID-19 vaccination. Thank you for taking the time, energy, expense and resources to send me this letter but I am going to decline. Not that there is anything wrong with...

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