Going to the gym and being guided by qualified trainers is key to achieving a healthy lifestyle. To fully optimise your fitness, this approach will give you a curated workout routine suitable to you and your goals. However, there are additional actions you can take which will improve your health and fitness. Just like you take your car to an auto repair shop, yet you still are required to undertake maintenance like topping up your oil, your health takes maintenance. Here, we will give our top tips to improve your health.


Enable a routine that works for you


Each human is unique. And in the same way, we all have different techniques that will work for us. For instance, you may be more motivated if you set an alarm and go to the gym before work, while for others, this may not be possible. It could act as a demotivator. You will know on a basic level what type of person you are, but there will still be some trial and error. When you create your routine, bear in mind that it takes people on average 66 days before an action comes naturally. So while it initially is a struggle to have the energy to go to the gym, this will become easier and easier throughout time until it becomes second nature.


Learn nutrition information 


Once you start learning about nutrition, every bit of information you pick up can be utilised for the rest of your life. Small bits of information can be transformative in helping you to feel full, ensuring you get the right amount of nutrients and reducing your need to binge eat. For instance, you may be drawn to half a plate of carbohydrates and half a plate of sauce and meat. Switch this up and consciously follow the balanced plate method – ¼ carbohydrates, ¼ lean protein and ½ vegetables. Start your day with a full glass of water to kickstart your metabolism. All of these tricks incorporated into your life will directly improve your health. 


Find every opportunity to increase your exercise


If you are conscious about increasing your steps and doing more exercise, you will naturally start to do so. Implant this in your mind. I’s the law of assumption – if you assume your health and fitness will better, you will start to implement these practices into your life and the result will occur faster. This could be practices as simple as taking the stairs up to your apartment as opposed to the lift. Both these tasks take the same amount of time so you’re not taking up additional time in your day slogging away to lose extra calories.


Ensure you get 7-9 hours of sleep


Sleep, itself, is crucial for your health. Not only this, when  you haven’t had enough sleep, you are more than likely not going to stick to your healthy daily routine. You’ll feel too tired to work out as much as you would with enough sleep, and likewise, you are more likely to eat quick, unhealthy snacks and meals.


The Author:

Olivia Fairhurst is a content manager for Tony Allen Auto Service, an auto service repair shop, vehicle and car service, and mechanics in Manukau, Auckland NZ. 

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