Define your goal. Define your intention before you step up to the plate of purpose; the plate of intention and the arena in which you are choosing to succeed in your goal. What is the outcome you desire from performing your task? This is the reason you are ‘training’ – be it in the gym or in your chosen field of sport.

If you do not define your goal then you have little chance of succeeding because you do not know where you are heading. Try getting in your car one day and just driving without any destination. Perhaps the only benefit you will get is a source of tranquil meditation but that could be dangerous given what you are in charge of. If you know where you are heading then you will arrive there mission accomplished.

Let’s shift this scenario to the area of physical fitness, figure sculpting and sports performance. What is your plan when you visit the gym? What are your intentions? If you come with a devised long term plan and specific session set for the ‘hour’ you are working then you are far more likely to achieve results. If you come to ‘exercise’ and drift from one piece of equipment to the next then you are likely to not make significant inroads into your desired outcome.

We have a culture now where so many people are members of health & fitness clubs yet so many of those members make little to no progress with what they want to achieve because they do not set about their goals with a plan. Face it – how many people do you notice and think ‘Wow! He or she has got it right!’ Far too few considering that is what we are all attending these places for.

It IS achievable though. It truly is but you need to know how to go about it. Simply turning up at the gym and getting sweaty will not work. Find out what exercises will be relevant to you. Find out how to perform them; for what duration, with what resistance, with what recovery, for how many sets. Understand what the exercise feels like. ‘Groove’ that movement so that every rep counts. Look into nutrition, energy management, hormonal balance and recovery.

There are many factors that are involved in reaching a target and the more you know about them the greater the chances of success.

A good piece of advice from the outset would be to invest in some personal coaching but choose wisely! The amount of public that lump their money into the first trainer that approaches them makes me cringe. Do your research behind that trainer and for the love of God – ask them some questions during your consultation. If you are not satisfied with their answers go and shop elsewhere. You aren’t obliged to buy anything just because you’ve walked into a shop.

Alternatively if your budget doesn’t suit – read, learn, study! Few things come easy in this life and successfully altering your fitness or shape aren’t on that list.