Strength training lacks the appeal that other forms of exercise such as running or yoga enjoy but the benefits of strength training are absolutely essential to any health and fitness programme. Our emotional, mental and bodily well-being are dependent upon our physical fitness and strength training positively influences such things as muscle strength and mass, body fat, bone density, metabolic rate, blood sugar tolerance, blood pressure and aerobic capacity. All these things decline with age!

Kettlebell training offers the benefits of strength training but combined with those of yoga, Pilates and aerobics all at the same time to develop a body that is as robust and strong as it is proportionate and graceful. They’re yoga with weights! The yoga of Iron! HEAVY METAL YOGA!

Kettlebell training primarily increases stamina or strength-endurance like no other form of exercise and it significantly improves flexibility and speed. It causes fat to ‘melt like ice cream in a hot desert’ thus creating a lean, symmetrical physique laid over a foundation of functional strength: strength shared by the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.

This strength-endurance comes with the bonus of enhanced coordination which is of benefit to everyone, not just those involved in competitive sport. Kettlebells provide the ‘holy grail’ to the machine versus barbell and aerobic versus weight training controversy because kettlebells are purposefully designed to present leverage with a dynamically shifting fulcrum during the course of any movement, thus kettlebells provide effects that are simply not attainable with conventional weights. For these very same reasons they also have great effect on the stabilising muscles that criss-cross the skeleton, developing inter-muscular teamwork and functional core stability.


Whilst doing all of this, kettlebells are also safe enough to be used in rehabilitative and pre-habilitative work for the young and old.

There are many other benefits that attend training with Kettlebells within the ethos of working hard but not for long; you do not need to spend hours a day or multiple days per week in a fully equipped gym in order to build an athletic body whilst reducing your body fat and stress levels. With all that spare time and an athletic, fit body and mind just think what more you could achieve with your life? What potential could you fulfil?

‘If you want to lead the orchestra you must first turn your back on the crowd.’  People do what they do with exercise simply because that’s what everyone else does and that’s the way it’s always been done. Due to the fact that most training programmes are based on duration rather than intensity, they are destined to fail. Be different to the ‘bicep curl bums’ and the ‘walk/jog plodders’ and actually achieve your results by performing hard intense workouts!

All you need is one kettlebell and in as little as three hours tuition you can learn a kettlebell programme. The fundamental moves which are the basis for all kettlebell exercises will be delivered in combination with bodyweight exercises to give you a programme that will revolutionise your training beyond any expectations you’ve had previously. You will develop a work ethic and attitude to fitness never experienced before!