With Easter approaching people often ask “Are there any healthy alternatives to chocolate eggs and sweets so that I can treat myself and still feel like I’m joining in?” The answer they would like to hear is “Yes, of course! You can have reduced fat eggs and sweets that have half the calories of traditional eggs”.

Of course if you follow this approach to Easter and to weight loss in general then you are destined to fail because it is based on trying to get away with still eating what you want whilst expecting to achieve the body you have always dreamed of. The simple answer is you can’t do this…

MPA’s approach to Easter is that if somebody buys you an Easter egg then it’s only worth eating if it tastes exceptionally good. Creamy milk chocolate is our favourite and if we get our hands on some there isn’t going to be any sharing. We will scoff the lot and enjoy every second of it!

However, we guarantee that within thirty minutes of eating that egg we will crave some more… This is because the huge sugar surge will only make us feel satisfied for about half an hour and then we will crash and feel lethargic. The cycle will therefore repeat itself and we will keep wanting more, more, more!

“So why don’t you go for a less sugary option so you don’t feel like that?” we hear you ask. Our response is that if we are going to get involved in Easter we will go for it! There isn’t any point in dipping your toe in the water with Easter, Christmas or any other time or event in your life.

What we will do, however, is work longer and harder than usual at the gym before we put our feet up and eat junk. Then when the celebrations are over we will get up and resume our healthy lifestyle of consuming good quality, nutritional food and working out.

So our basic message is that you need to fully commit to a lifestyle change but if you want to have a blow out now and again then do so, but get your ass back on track the next day!
Set a goal. Put your mind to it. Focus. Achieve.