Even if you choose to work out 7 days per week that will usually be no more than 7 hours out of 168 meaning what you do, eat and drink away from the gym is vitally important whatever your goals.

The way a weight loss / nutrition plan might work is you begin by filling in a diary for a week that tells us not only everything you eat and drink but everything else about your life: sleep, activities, work, social time, leisure pursuits, how happy or sad you have been – the lot!

We view this information together, perhaps take some measurements like body fat percentage if you wish to and then, as with your fitness plans, we look at making small changes for the better. One of the biggest reasons people fail with their quests is that they try to drastically alter too many areas of their lives in one go. For example, cutting out alcohol, sugar, pastry, cigarettes and caffeine whilst at the same time introducing way too much physical activity.

When too much is altered too quickly it almost always ends in failure and the statistics are that around 75-90% of people who lose a significant amount of weight quickly, regain it all and more within 5 years. So the approach we will take with you is one of patience and by trusting in the long game. Learn the science behind how your body utilities the food you consume and why it’s so difficult to simply stop eating badly. Understand how big food corporations have virtually got you over a barrel when it comes to what you put in your supermarket trolley and how even your nearest and dearest may be scuppering your chances of success!

Through careful analysis of your diet and lifestyle we will create a plan to help you achieve results and maintain them long term.


If you’re interested don’t hesitate, just do it. Pick up the phone and call me – now is the time to make that difference to your life. If it’s easier, drop me a message below and I’ll get right back to you.


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