Indoor Rowing Technique Masterclass

It may seem odd, but Indoor Rowing is very much a sport in its own right, and to realise your potential in this sport, you really need to hone your Indoor Rowing Technique. The Concept2 machine was born to help water rowing athletes when they couldn’t train on the river, but it has since grown in popularity, and has become a sport in its own right, with many online events and big championships held in large arenas across the globe.

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Paul specialises in Indoor Rowing and helping people to learn superb Indoor Rowing Technique.  It is a huge passion of his and he has a love/hate relationship with the ‘Erg’ because it is always asking for more. But…when he can deliver more, it is a wonderful high!

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In his own words:

“I’ve done many, many things in fitness but nothing frightens me more than rowing a 2000m on that Concept2 machine. It is the absolute test of stamina, endurance and mental strength to overcome pain in pursuit of becoming the best I can be. Beating a personal best over that distance is way up there on my list of physical achievements.

Because rowing is so largely dependent on technique, if you don’t know how to connect with the machine, you’ll never reach your potential. If you do learn how to row properly however, then you will truly discover, if you’re brave enough to dig deep, where your limit is!”

British Indoor Rowing Championships, London

Every year Paul and a team of rowers enter several competitions together and the most exciting of those is the British Rowing Indoor Championships held at the Olympic Velodrome in London.

If you would like to learn the art of Indoor Rowing and maybe compete in these events yourself then get in touch.  We have 4 Concept 2 rowing machines and a great team of rowers, who love the socialising after the events, sometimes even more that the high of competing!  This is a great way to meet new people and push yourself right outside of your comfort zone!

You will not regret it!

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