Shot of a group of young sportsmen with medals piling their hands while standing in a huddle. Successful team of athletes with their hands together cheering victory.

Who is this for?

TE4M is for anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves. The unfit, the fit and the elite will all be able to participate fully in the sessions but if you do have any particular concerns then please email us if you would like further questions answered.

What can I expect to achieve?

One word you should expect to hear a lot from a good coach is “depends”. It depends what you want to achieve and you are encouraged to voice your wishes as it is very likely your TE4M members will want the same. What will be a given though is that your overall levels of endurance, stamina, speed, power, strength, mobility and flexibility will rocket!

What if I miss a session, do I get a refund?

Your TE4M membership is a monthly membership for the allotted times you have reserved and those slots are yours – nobody can book in your place. On occasions though, it is possible that you won’t be able to attend the given time so to try and ensure that nobody ever misses out, you will go into a WhatsApp group where you will be able to ask somebody to swap should the need arise. With a large pool to draw from, it is likely someone will be able to help.

I am overweight, unfit and haven’t exercised for years. Is this suitable for me?

It won’t matter. If you are brand new to or returning from a long break from exercise then it may be advisable to have a private session or two before you join your TE4M but even if your skills are high and fitness low then you will be fine. The sessions will be structured in a way that you are all challenged for the same time but the resistance may differ individually.

Can I train with 3 of my friends?

Yes you can. Please enquire as to booking private groups at your preferred times.

Can I train at a time to suit me?

At the moment, TE4M sessions are fixed at the times listed. If you can only train at a particular time then please enquire about individual sessions.

I’m not sure I want to be on show, will there be people watching?

PCHF is a private training studio. Only your TE4M will be there.

It seems expensive for a group class?

TE4M is very much personal training and not a class. By keeping the numbers to 4, you will receive close attention and be helped on your journey. Be very aware you are not paying for expensive equipment, shiny coffee tables and fluffy towels. You are paying for high level coaching which gets results!

Some other fitness groups offer unlimited sessions, why is this only two per week?

The structured training sessions involved in TE4M will be intense and as part of your journey, you will need to recover. Constantly putting yourself through extremely demanding sessions is too much day after day and will ultimately result in breakdown. Your coach will be there to discuss the extra work you may wish to do in the week.

I have a permanent injury which affects the way I move. Will I still be able to participate?

This is more common than you may think so if a particular move is uncomfortable then we will provide you with an alternative. Don’t worry, you won’t stand out!

I need to go to work immediately after the session finishes. Do you have changing facilities and a shower?

Yes, we have a brand new shower and changing room area.